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The mission of JeffCo Kids First is to preserve our children's future by securing their present.

The JeffCo Kids First vision is to empower parental voice through respectful partnerships between school leaders, educators and parents and ensure a bright future for all children throughout Jefferson County School District. 

Our work is driven by our core values:

  • Laser-focus on children first

  • Unity

  • Dignified policy/fact-based action

  • Developing collaborative and dignified relationships

  • Loyalty to individual rights

  • Persistence and endurance


JeffCo Kids First promotes its core values through:

  • Policy accountability

  • Controversial topics transparency

  • Financial transparency

  • Academic accountability

  • Respectful partnerships with educational leaders and decision makers

  • Community outreach and education

  • Dignified communication with parents, caregivers, and taxpayers


Our advocacy

Advocates For

Accountability, policy adherence & proactivity to ensure individual family needs & values are honored

Classroom transparency

Parental consent, choice & respect

Greater communication with teachers and schools

Consideration of sensitive topics and student backgrounds


Advocates Against



Veering from state standards and approved curriculum

Removal of individual rights

Removal of diversity

Removal of resources and support for students

The silencing of parents


Our history & achievements

In July 2020, 30 Jefferson County community members came together to speak up about school shutdowns. Jeffco Kids First was formed and has worked tirelessly to fight pandemic restrictions and advocate for curriculum transparency and parental/guardian rights in Jefferson County Public Schools. Today, over 6,000 community members have united around our mission to protect the individual needs of Jefferson County children and their families.

Jeffco Kids First 2023:

*$5,000 in scholarships to graduating Jeffco seniors (a total of $10,000 given so far).

*$13,000 raised in partnership with Hestra glove company for a holiday surprise for 369 bus drivers, mechanics, transportation workers, and food delivery drivers!

*Visited the Senate Floor

*Hosted a forum on school safety with John Castillo, father of Stem School Shooting Hero Kendrick Castillo

*Meeting with the Superintendent, her cabinet members, and school board members to reiterate our mission and our specific policy goals to unify and respect the whole community

*Addressed concerns with the superintendent and her cabinet members regularly 

*Helped individual families across the district solve issues (both privately and publicly)

*Influenced the alignment of protected information (survey and privacy policies) with federal law (including the addition of religious beliefs)

*Requested continual training refreshers for principals and school employees on requirements surrounding protected information and hiding it from their parents.  This ultimately led to an official directive from the school district telling teachers not to ask minor students for gender identify and not to hide information from parents.

*Ignited a local TV news (CBS 4) story on teachers’ union directive to destroy protected information (student surveys) which led to an international news story even reaching  the Daily Mail UK.

*Inspired changes in the 5th Grade Growing and Changing curriculum including more careful use of the term “Trusted Adult,” and removal of the definition of oral sex.

*Start Time Survey feedback analyzed by former Air Force Research psychologist and acknowledged by the district cabinet.

*Gathered and provided background information on Health Kids Survey and ensuring clear communication for opt-out opportunities 2 weeks in advance (as required by law).

*Filmed a professional mini documentary on JKF beginnings

*A thrilling Jeffco Kids First Gala Benefit with Jennifer Sey (former Levi’s executive) and Ross Kaminsky (popular local radio host) at The Woodlands Colorado.

*Partnered with Jeffco Schools transportation workers to hold a community school board candidate forum 

*Removed manipulative book covers with controversial, graphic and sexual content at a Jeffco high school and receiving an apology for the oversight.  

*Provided information to parents regarding state-funded posters (often overriding parents and demeaning to families) leading students to text strangers with limited training and mental health and substance abuse challenges.  

*Provided transparency on district academic achievement and finances

*Prepared for a legal pursuit against Colorado Community Media due to a highly defamatory and libelous article written in October 2022.

Jeffco Kids First July 2020-December 2022:

*Influenced the return to normalcy for Jeffco students through open records requests, research, persistence, and advising a local pediatrician.

*Led 4 peaceful but effective walks/protests (one drawing a news helicopter and nearly 700 people) during the pandemic.

*Multiple local and national TV news stories advocating for kids and their parents/guardians.

*Multiple radio appearances to secure our messaging.

*Multiple local and national publication stories.

*Significant influence on Jeffco Schools’ policies (including survey privacy protection relating to federal policy and protection of parental and family beliefs)

*Ensuring enforcement of controversial issues policy in classrooms.

*Provided over $10k in scholarships for Jefferson County students

*Organized several community outreach efforts including: partnering with Qdoba to feed 15,000 Jeffco Schools employees, a full Christmas for a family of 7, feeding all school bus terminal workers, providing microphones for teachers wearing masks, and supplying baby items for an expectant mother in need.

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